Dinner at brant's

My sister and her husband arrived today!
So we decided that we were going to eat at the restaurant in Branäs, a greek salad for me. God that was good. 

Now we're waiting for the coffee and hopefully I Will be allowed to go home after that, I am crazy tired! 

I worked at a party (in the wardrobe) the day before yesterday and got home somewhere around four, and three hours later i had to wake up and drive home to go to work in Branäs. 
So I have Been sleeping way to little to be functioning as regular. 
Since I worked from 09:00-19:30 yesterday and I thought I would work until something like two. But...cash is king. 

And I Will have to work some extra tomorrow and then I Will work sunday and tuesday and thursday andddd...sunday (?). 
So a bit of money Will start Rolling in soon! HOOORAYYYY!

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