TBM - Arosa

En del bilder är mina och de andra är stulna av stora Edebo, Gabbi. (AKA vår personal coach and motivator and friend and sister and buddie and photographer.)

Så tar vi en stund och minns dagarna i Schweiziska Arosa och tävlingarna där. 
Hela förra och förrförra säsongen är galna mängder av tid spenderade med min icke biologiska tvillingsyster Alexandra. 
Tävlingarna här gick ju inte speciellt bra för min del, men vad gör väl det, vi hade iallafall väldigt roligt. 
Idag är jag på väg mot Stockholm för att se till att mina pjäxor blir as awesome as always, så det blir en t&r till kungliga hufvudstaden under dagen. Jag har varit på språng sedan 05:07. (Let me tell you, DET är FÖR tidigt.)
Är glad över min fantastiska förmåga att somna. Har de senaste veckorna somnat så sent om runt 1-2, men igår lyckades jag somna 21:30. Det är en talang, skulle jag vilja påstå.
Igår klämde jag också in en gympass för ryggen. Kändes bra, är inte helt kry än, så det gick väl på halvfart. Men jag blir ju helt galen om jag måste sitta hemma och dega.
Hade också första mötet med årets elevkårsstyrelse inför introdagarna. Det kommer bli kul! 
// So let's take a minute to remember the days in Swiss Arosa and the competitions over there.
The whole last season and the season before that equals crazy amounts of time spent with my non-biological twinsister Alexandra.

The competitions there did not go too well for me, but it doesn't matter since we had so much fun. 
Today I am heading towards Stockholm to make sure my ski boots ends up as awesome as always, so I am going to take a trip to the royal capital and back during the day. I have been on the run since 05:07. (And let me tell you, THAT is TOO early.)
Although, I am satisfied considering my ability to fall asleep. The last couple of weeks I have gone to bed as late as around 1 or 2 at night, but yesterday I managed to fall asleep at nine thirty. It's a hidden talent, I would say.
Yesterday I also squeezed in two hours at the gym, killing my back. Felt good, I am not completely fit and healthy yet, so it was on half speed. But I end up crazy if all I can do is sit at home and do nothing. 
Also we had the first meeting with the new student's council regarding the first two days of school. This will be fun! 

last races

Being in Hamra now for the two last races here. Having a hard time to find the right competition-mood, but Im sure it will find it's way on the start tomorrow.
Feeling happy though, even if the rest of my crew is in Torsby having a blast. But I think I will have just as fun here!
Anyhow, now you know! BYeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeyee

Junior Worlds

Spent the weekend in Italy at Junior Worlds! It was so much fun.

I met a lot of new people, skied fast, tanned and just had a blast! 
Sixth place is what I got home with, and I am more than happy with that. I am super proud and glad.
Also, Sandra and John ended up second (SO GOOD!!) and Alex 10th, Lisa unfortunately fell, and I am not sure about the other boys' places, but they were pretty satisfied too, I think!
Gosh I just wanna go back to all these awesome people and the tremendous pasta. Haha. 

You're walking around like a wind

Junior Worlds is what I'll travel to the two next coming days! 
I am super stoked and ready to kick some aaaaass. :)

Well, today I was out on my first REAL run since I don't know when. So I joined los Emzor (the alpine skiiers very own x-country skiier.) 
It was great fun!

And now I am loooooooonging for summer. Aaaah, give me warmth.

Oh and by the way, we had a meeting today, with all the members of the school's council (so not just these monkeys!) and I think that I am in the board next year as well. Great day!

Europacup Mora

Spent my weekend in Mora, at the Europa cup finals.
Unfortunately the two first days were cancelled due to too much wind and to soft course. 
It didn't really matter, though. We got our asses down to where we lived, and had a pretty nice afternoon! 

During lunch, my friend Kate from germany, had brought me some Milka-chocolate!!! Made my day, since we could not ski! (She is probably one of the nicest girls I know!) (I know you are reading this Kate. Haha)

One day, we decided that we would go bowling, it was fun! Clara kicked our asses and won with like 200 points more than the rest of us. Pure talent! Haha. 

Ofcourse, when I got home I drank the usual, crazy amount of tea that I always do. 
And Lisa went wild and crazy with my camera. (I have got a lot of pretty pictures of this little girlie, and I think she probably doesn't want me to post them. Haha.)

In the end we finally got to ski anyway! Yesterday was not SO good, but it was not bad. I ended up 12th or something, and it's ok, for being me. 
So today I fixed everything as good as I could and killed it in the start. So I ended up 7th today!! It was really good. I am so happy and proud about that. 

It was a really good weekend, and I also got to know that I am chosen to go to World Juniors again! 
So happy!
So here, is team Torsby!

Heading home

After a few days with some awesome skiing in Arosa, I must say that I am pretty bummed that I have to go back home. (Even though I honestly think that it will be nice to get some Swedish food again, and sleep in my own bed.)

Thursday and Friday was perfect weather wise, saturday was not as good, but still good comparing to Sweden. Today was not so good, until the prize giving ceremony, then it was super nice.
Skiing wise, it has been both up and down. 
Friday: I qualified, but were out in the first heat. (Just like all the other swedish girls who qualified.) (Europa cup)
Saturday: I did not even qualify, I was super bummed and mad as hell. But what to do. (Europa cup)
Sunday: Everyone was qualified, since we were only 14 (?) racers, I qualified from the quarterfinal, and in the semi I was clearly first one out from the gate, but lost a lot of speed in the first turn, where the snow was super stupid. I ended third, which lead me to the small final. And in the small final I was first out, lost all the speed in the first turn, like always, but then I managed to slip stream a while and pass the leading girl in the "corner" (Pretty ballzy for being me.) So I won the small final, ended 5th. And my dear friend Clara ended 6th. So it was a good day. But I know I can do better. (Open race)
This whole weekend has been rather diffuse, my skiing is pretty good, a couple of misses but nothing bad. But it's really not fast. But I will get there, just gotta keep practising and get better. 
Also, we found out this friday that we were allowed to do the Europa Cup races in Mora as well. And I think it will be super fun to compete at home. So, school for two more days, and then I'll leave again. hehe, woops!
Tomorrow we're leaving our hotel at 05:00 in the morning and starting our nice travel back to la Suede. Well, well, well. Have to get some sleep now. 
Good night!


Spent my weekend in Lofsdalen with my friend Axel and his brother Oskar, had a great training camp and had soooo much fun, barely had any internet though. And that sucked. But you cannot have everything. :) 
I got home pretty late sunday night and then I was in school monday and tuesday, and later that evening me, Alex, Clara and Lisa jumped on a train to Stockholm where we slept for like maximum 6 hours and then got up and flew here! 

Well, Right now I am in Arosa, Schweiz! Haven't written in forever, but I think you guys manage to live your lifes without me anyhow.
Haha. We got here yesterday, and it was so nice. Such nice weather! And it was today too. So I am not complaining!

It was a really fun course and the people here is (as usual) tremendously nice. 

We have the slowest internet, so you get pictures when I get home! 
Anyway, we get home monday, so tomorrow and saturday is Europa Cup races here, and then an open race sunday. Then we leave wednesday for europa cups in Mora! It will be a tight schedule, but whatever, it's fun. :)

Pictures from Watles, Italy.

So we had a great week in Italy, which I have also said like four million times.
And since Gabbi, Alex's sister joined us, we had not only a personal coach, but also a personal photographer. (She's great.)
And even though the skiing from my side sucked, I was pretty happy anyway. (When I was done crying, ofcourse.) (Yes, I am a disappointment crier.) 

Starting to get used to the fact that I am not doing good when I have to, anymore. And that is so bad.
But we have two races in Oslo this weekend and I am hoping that I will ski well. Or at least give it my best.
Cannot do much more. Haha. 
Well, so far this season has been so much fun! And we have a lot of races to go. 
And ofcourse, these pictures are all stolen from Gabbi. :)
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