Swimming premiere

Började dagen med att dra på min bikinin och sätta mig på altan med superbränna som ambition. 
Mor kom med frulle och jag och bror började morgonakrobatisera, det var skoj!

Efter det så drog vi oss till Torp (ett köpcenter) och sprang runt där ett tag, bl.a en ny bikini och converse fick följa med hem! 

Däääärefter bestämde jag och mor att vi var tvungna att ta ett bad, så vi tog oss till beachen och kastade oss i, sjukt Nice! 
Sen tog jag en liten löparrunda på 40 min och högt tempo, det var jobbigt men geeez va skönt. 

// the day began with me waking up and got in the bikini. I sat down on the balcony and had a tan as a goal. 
My mother came out with the breakfast and then My brother and I started to do some morning acrobatics, it was great fun. 

Then we headed to a shopping center and I could bring a new bikini and converse home. 

After that My mother and I decided that we had to take a bath in the ocean, and so we Did. It was so Nice!!

Later I went for a run, it Ended up being 40 minutes with high speed. Felt so good. Hard, but fun! 

I do prefer distance

Idag tog jag mig till grebbestad, in på sportshopen och fick plocka på mig mitt årliga förråd av träningskläder. Jösses vad mycket snyggt de fått in?! 
Jag tackar så vänligast och rekommenderar verkligen ALLA att ta sig en sväng till en sportshop och kolla runt.
Hittade ett gäng tidningar med min löjliga nuna på dessutom, fett.

Sedan åkte vi hem och jag drog (verkligen kämpade faktiskt) mig ut på en lååång löptur, var ju tvungen att testa mina nya grejser! 
2h blev det och jag var trött som en liten apa när jag kom hem. Och då käkade jag grillat. Holy moly, lyx. 

// today i made My way to grebbestad and to Sportshopen. And I could get My yearly stack of work out gear. 
Geeez how many super nice looking things they've made!!
I really recommend everyone to get their asses to a sportshopen and take a look! 

Also, I found a pile of magazines with MY stupid face on the cover. How awesome?? I am a little bit starstruck regarding myself. 

Then I got home and Forced myself out on a little run. It Ended up being 2 hours long and I Ended up being incredibly tired. But I had to try out My new gear! (As good as expected) 
When I got home the food was on the table (barbequed!) so GOOOD. Luxurious much? 

Summer scene

Där har vi mig och ELIN 
Spenderar de kommande dagarna i Fjällbacka, det är ju för satans härligt alltså.
Ska kolla på jobb, besöka lite sponsorer, på dop, träna och hänga med los Familios. Så jag klagar inte!
Kom ner jättesent inatt så vi går på något spännande zombie-mode här, men vi vaknar nog snart. Förhoppningsvis.
Men nu ska jag allt klä på mig och försöka ta mig till Grebbestad! Elin spenderar nämligen också sin långhelg här! Sjukt kul!
//Spending the following days in Fjällbacka, so nice to finally be here.
I am going to look at a job for the summer, visit some sponsors, go to a christening (???), work out and hang out with los familios. I am not complaining!
We arrived suuuper late yesterday, so we are in some kind of exciting zombie mode here, but I am sure we will wake up soon. Hopefully.
But now I am going to get dressed and try to make my way to Grebbestad! Elin is actually spending her weekend here too!
So much fun!

Voting voting

I am pretty chocked, I cannot believe that we have these results concerning the European Parliament. 
HOW is it possible that we want a bunch of rasists in charge of our country? 

Also, the fact that F! got a mandate is a sign that we are moving towards a more equal society. 
So the results are both gratifying and worrying.
Well, well, it is what it is, and I hope that a lot of more people are dragging themselves up from the couch and votes the next time. I mean, we have the authority to vote, so we should. 

Absent much?

Haha, recently found a lot of old pictures...This one is from two years ago...Fun thing is, I still look pretty much the same.
Oh I know, the update frequency is more or less crappy as hell. 
But you should be happy for me, I have a lot more to do than to sit inside and blog. I am enjoying the little life of mine. 
Since it's brighter outside now and the weather the last few weeks has been absolutely AMAZING I have been trying to take a lot of time to spend it outside. It has been pretty hard to do though, since the school is being a pain in the ass at the moment.
And all the teachers are unisonally screaming "LET'S HAVE ALL THE TESTS THE SAME DAY!!!" stupid obstinate people. But I cannot argue with them, so I usually end up doing all the tests and assignments anyway.
The training has been stepping up a lot too, and I have done the Theory test for my drivers license, so I just have to pass the driving part too, (holy god, PLEASE make this work. And all of you other people, please keep me in your prayers.) (I also want to say that I am not a believer. But what the hell, if it would help me, I could pray once or twice.)
Well well, also, I cannot wait for summer now. I want all the heat and bathing and yadayada. 

blue lagoon

Ohmy just ate the tastiest pasta ever, so good!! 

Today I've been to school and then i Did My first errand at the bank as a grown, strong, independant woman. Felt important. 

Then I worked out a little bit and then back to school! 

the school's Council had meeting after that and now I'm home. Busybusybusy

Also, we Did this commercial for the school cafeteria, Ended up pretty well!

Sunday funday

...or not so much. 
Spent the weekend at home at my parent's, feels good to be home, but I cannot wait to go back to torsby too. 

I've got too many homes. Haha.
Well well, right now I am thinking of getting dressed, cannot stay in my pyjamas all day, can I? And then I have to go work a little while. 

After that I need to get down to the gym (I have become such a little gym rat, I love it.) 
My bus leaves at half past six, so I've got time. Heheeeeeeee.

High on steams

Just spilled nail polish remover all over me. And the table. And floor. And me. 
Smells like shit here right now and I think I'm getting kind of high. 
Well, hopefully that helps me with the studying, so at least I might not want to kill myself. :)
Anyhow, overslept today, I made it to school on time, but that is because of the fact that I am a ninja and super fast so I got ready in seriously 6 minutes. 
When I got to school we had a test, or something, then I worked out a little bit, but I am not feeling all too well, so I took it kind of easy.
Then I had lessons, and after being hated on by my teacher (stupid ideas made by me and stupid time planning by her didn't fit too well. I am still going to blame it on her.) me and Josefin went shopping some food for our schooltrip to Stockholm tomorrow!
Feelin' excited, but all of my other friends went to Göteborg and I think I would like to go to Gbg rather than el Stockholmo, since I absolutely looooove that city.
Well, I think it will be pretty nice anywway. I'll make it nice. Hehe.
So, now I am going to do the homework while my laundy is drying, then I will pack and then I will...I don't know. Something that I enjoy. We'll see. :)
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