You're walking around like a wind

Junior Worlds is what I'll travel to the two next coming days! 
I am super stoked and ready to kick some aaaaass. :)

Well, today I was out on my first REAL run since I don't know when. So I joined los Emzor (the alpine skiiers very own x-country skiier.) 
It was great fun!

And now I am loooooooonging for summer. Aaaah, give me warmth.

Oh and by the way, we had a meeting today, with all the members of the school's council (so not just these monkeys!) and I think that I am in the board next year as well. Great day!

What a beautiful day to be alive

Hollaaaa, since I wrote the last time I have done a lot of fun stuff, I have gotten a tattoo, celebrated my friend Josefin since she turns 19, I have watchet my mother try the parachute in branäs, I have worked out, I have....I have fixed my skis, I have been driving our car insanely much and far and I have been on my first legal night out in Branäs. What a fun weekend!
Unfortunately I have a lot of stuff to do now, so I have to find a job for the summer, and write letters for sponsors aaaaand fix some schoolwork, but what the hell, everything cannot be super nice all the time. And besides, I am going to Italy this wednesday, so I'll manage.

Try to act like you don't care

Holy moly, I am so crazily exhausted right now. 
Went to school this morning, or, I went to Hovfjället this morning and skiied a little and tried out some new skis.
It was super nice weather so I was happy, my legs hurt a bit so that sucked, but who cares. 

Then it was time for some school, and I had just one lesson, which was kind of fun, as usual. And then two of my others were cancelled. 

Then I ate dinner in school and then I went home and died in my bed. Haha.
But now my and my brothers apartment look like shit, so I have to clean. (I know he won't do it, so I kind of have to.) 
So, after that I am probably going to watch some more Suits (best freaking series ever!!!), eat sandwiches with salami and brie and then I will SLEEP. 
And, just because the fact that I am so very super duper nice, I will post some of the pics from this weekend in Mora. 

Europacup Mora

Spent my weekend in Mora, at the Europa cup finals.
Unfortunately the two first days were cancelled due to too much wind and to soft course. 
It didn't really matter, though. We got our asses down to where we lived, and had a pretty nice afternoon! 

During lunch, my friend Kate from germany, had brought me some Milka-chocolate!!! Made my day, since we could not ski! (She is probably one of the nicest girls I know!) (I know you are reading this Kate. Haha)

One day, we decided that we would go bowling, it was fun! Clara kicked our asses and won with like 200 points more than the rest of us. Pure talent! Haha. 

Ofcourse, when I got home I drank the usual, crazy amount of tea that I always do. 
And Lisa went wild and crazy with my camera. (I have got a lot of pretty pictures of this little girlie, and I think she probably doesn't want me to post them. Haha.)

In the end we finally got to ski anyway! Yesterday was not SO good, but it was not bad. I ended up 12th or something, and it's ok, for being me. 
So today I fixed everything as good as I could and killed it in the start. So I ended up 7th today!! It was really good. I am so happy and proud about that. 

It was a really good weekend, and I also got to know that I am chosen to go to World Juniors again! 
So happy!
So here, is team Torsby!

Pitstop in Torsby

We got home yesterday at seven, begged Axel to come and pick us up (thank you, moron. :)), then we unpacked everything and then I headed over to Elvira's place. 

It was nice to be home again, but I am not super stoked to go back to school...Hehe.
Well, the trip was so, so, so good and probably one of the best trips I have ever done. (On first place is still JWC from two years ago, my first real trip.)
Anyhow, skipped the skiing today, since my legs hurt like hell, but I am going to change clothes and go for a walk and then an upper body work out! 

Heading home

After a few days with some awesome skiing in Arosa, I must say that I am pretty bummed that I have to go back home. (Even though I honestly think that it will be nice to get some Swedish food again, and sleep in my own bed.)

Thursday and Friday was perfect weather wise, saturday was not as good, but still good comparing to Sweden. Today was not so good, until the prize giving ceremony, then it was super nice.
Skiing wise, it has been both up and down. 
Friday: I qualified, but were out in the first heat. (Just like all the other swedish girls who qualified.) (Europa cup)
Saturday: I did not even qualify, I was super bummed and mad as hell. But what to do. (Europa cup)
Sunday: Everyone was qualified, since we were only 14 (?) racers, I qualified from the quarterfinal, and in the semi I was clearly first one out from the gate, but lost a lot of speed in the first turn, where the snow was super stupid. I ended third, which lead me to the small final. And in the small final I was first out, lost all the speed in the first turn, like always, but then I managed to slip stream a while and pass the leading girl in the "corner" (Pretty ballzy for being me.) So I won the small final, ended 5th. And my dear friend Clara ended 6th. So it was a good day. But I know I can do better. (Open race)
This whole weekend has been rather diffuse, my skiing is pretty good, a couple of misses but nothing bad. But it's really not fast. But I will get there, just gotta keep practising and get better. 
Also, we found out this friday that we were allowed to do the Europa Cup races in Mora as well. And I think it will be super fun to compete at home. So, school for two more days, and then I'll leave again. hehe, woops!
Tomorrow we're leaving our hotel at 05:00 in the morning and starting our nice travel back to la Suede. Well, well, well. Have to get some sleep now. 
Good night!


Spent my weekend in Lofsdalen with my friend Axel and his brother Oskar, had a great training camp and had soooo much fun, barely had any internet though. And that sucked. But you cannot have everything. :) 
I got home pretty late sunday night and then I was in school monday and tuesday, and later that evening me, Alex, Clara and Lisa jumped on a train to Stockholm where we slept for like maximum 6 hours and then got up and flew here! 

Well, Right now I am in Arosa, Schweiz! Haven't written in forever, but I think you guys manage to live your lifes without me anyhow.
Haha. We got here yesterday, and it was so nice. Such nice weather! And it was today too. So I am not complaining!

It was a really fun course and the people here is (as usual) tremendously nice. 

We have the slowest internet, so you get pictures when I get home! 
Anyway, we get home monday, so tomorrow and saturday is Europa Cup races here, and then an open race sunday. Then we leave wednesday for europa cups in Mora! It will be a tight schedule, but whatever, it's fun. :)

18 Y/O

Finally I am eighteen!!! 
I have been spoiled and dragged around all day and I have had so much fun.
For example, I have gotten five (!!!!!) cakes, my parents came down here and brought me some (super peppered) food and even spent a few hours here with me and my "adopted brother" Martin. (Also one of my very mucho best friend.)
I have gotten b-day wished from people I didn't think I knew that well (thank you facebook). And when I walked through the corridor a lot of people said happy birthday. And I was just as happy every time!!
And a lot of birthday-texts. ♥
When I got home I found fifteen of my closest friends in my living room with presents and cakes. (this was after Martin, Jakob, Nils and Petter drove me around, just to kill some time...Haha.) 
Oh my I love this place and these people.
AND OF COURSE, I want to say Happy Happy Happy birthday to my twin (at least we think we are twins. In some way.) Alexandra. 
You are one of the best persons I know and I am glad to call you my friend. You deserve the best and only better.
Now we can misbehave all we want, together.
I love you my little twinnie. ♥
AAAAH so much love in my little normally ice-cold heart ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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