This day started with a few hours of studying (or at least I tried. Didn't get too much done, though.) and of course some quality time with the cat. Sad, but true. 
Then, my dad and brother got home from the hospital. My brother have gotten a bad concussion and have a few blackouts.. (Like my sisters' names, what happened, his birthday and things.) (He remembered me, though. Felt good.)

Well, then me and my mother headed to Branäs to try the x-country skiing over there, it was super boring in the beginning, but in the end it was pretty fun! Don't think I am going to change carriers though. 
After that we had traning, like, regular training, alpine skiing. Think I might be better at that. Well, a fun day. 
Haha, and now, this evening, my sister got a pretty spontaneous idea and wanted me to cut her hair. 
...And so I did. It turned out nice. Haha.
Going to bed now, I 

Pictures from Watles, Italy.

So we had a great week in Italy, which I have also said like four million times.
And since Gabbi, Alex's sister joined us, we had not only a personal coach, but also a personal photographer. (She's great.)
And even though the skiing from my side sucked, I was pretty happy anyway. (When I was done crying, ofcourse.) (Yes, I am a disappointment crier.) 

Starting to get used to the fact that I am not doing good when I have to, anymore. And that is so bad.
But we have two races in Oslo this weekend and I am hoping that I will ski well. Or at least give it my best.
Cannot do much more. Haha. 
Well, so far this season has been so much fun! And we have a lot of races to go. 
And ofcourse, these pictures are all stolen from Gabbi. :)

At home

I brought My dear friend Martin home to RaNsby today after a few days in Torsby. Felt good to just stay in one place for a while and settle down a bit. 
But like i Said, now I am home again. 

And when we got home, I found out that My little brother had crashed skiing and hit his head and eventually broke his leg. Poor little Guy. Well well, he if someone has crashed before and knows how it is to be injured. He Will survive this as well. 

Europa Cup

Raced My second Europa cup
Today and Did My best run in this course, but it was not fast. Didnt qualify, but i'm not too sad about that. 
Had a few days with really good weather, good friends and good surrounding. 
I love this atmosphere!! Haha. 

Italy sure is a beautiful country and all the skiers are really Nice. I Ended up 18th today and I know that i can do better. But i didnt. and that is fine. I just have to do better next race. Right? 

Did some start Training yesterday and I was fast. So that felt really good! 
Tomorrow we're leaving and I am kind of bummed about that. 
Allthough i want to get back home and meet My friends and so on, this life is pretty awesome. 

Also, yesterday, we Did some powpow-skiing. HOW GREAT?! 


I am skiing like a cowardly pile of shit. 
And it sucks. But I am planning on being freakin' kamikaze tomorrow. 

At least I reunited with My fellow Malou. Good times. 
And to cheer up, we Did some winter acrobatics, it was fun. Made My day a liiiiittle better. And play fighting with John. It was fun also.

Now I think i am Going to head down to our apartment and get some food. 
Master chef Gabbi is working that kitchen tonight. Splendid!

Change of mood

The trip is ON again, sometime around ten yesterday night we decided that "what the hell, lets go"
And so we Did. 

So right now, I am at Alex's house and I've Spent the evening with her, Clara and little Edebo. (Veronica) (fun creature)

Our flight is leaving at 15:55 tomorrow so we Will eat lunch in the citeyyyy and look at the (what i guess) beautiful capital of la suede. 


Well, ended up being no trip down to Italy and Germany. 
Our school's principal didn't want us to go with one coach only, and didn't want the school to have the responsibility.
So yeah, yesterday was a bad day and everybody who were supposed to go were pretty bummed. 
And since it was the last opportunity to compete and show what we can do, World Juniors is something I probably have to tone down a bit. Because I am not sure I will get to go. And it sucks.
Yesterday was a bad day, and it is ok to have bad days. Luckily I have a lot of friends who is letting me be disappointed and sad for a while. Stupid stupid stupid life.
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