last races

Being in Hamra now for the two last races here. Having a hard time to find the right competition-mood, but Im sure it will find it's way on the start tomorrow.
Feeling happy though, even if the rest of my crew is in Torsby having a blast. But I think I will have just as fun here!
Anyhow, now you know! BYeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeyee


 I have had a great weekend with some of my closest friends and I've had a blast. 
Spent absolutely no time in front of the computer and I have been partying with my mum.
We ate dinner at my parents, since it was easter, and that was really nice. Then We picked up Kate from the trainstation at halv past nine saturday evening, and then we raced back to Branäs and when we got back we went to the club. And there - I found my mum. Haha.
So I had a super fun night! 
Sunday we woke up and tanned all day almost, it was so nice! The weather has been so good this weekend!

And yesterday was almost as good, we woke up and then I had to go find some gifts for mums staff, so me, my dad and Kate fixed that, then we watched Martin play with his tiny, 14 y/o friends. Haha.

Today we're back in torsby and we slept in for a long time. So we woke up at 10 maybe? Felt really good to get to sleep in my own bed again! :) 
We're planning on heading down to the water and chill today. And then at least I am planning on going to the gym.
This friday I am also planning on heading to Sälen with my parents, and then I will stay the rest of the weekend with Axel and his parents. Will be great. 
So happy to be able to go on trips with my friends like this! 


I'm out driving in charlestown now, doing a few courses for taking the drivers-license. 

Me and Frida is suuuperhungry too, so we're practically dying. But right now it's Fridas turn to drive, so we have no time to die. And me neather.

 And tomorrow is the finales of the competitions in the club, it Will be fun to be there! And then I am going to spend the weekend in Branäs with a few friends. So stoked!!  


Two days to go of school, and then we have our easter  holidays! So Nice. 
And My friend kate is coming this saturday, this Will be fun. 

Tonight, i have to study and watch movies with My little Torsby-family. (Yeah, that IS a must) 

Feelin good, alrightyyyyymightyyy 

Favourite place on earth

Right now, I am in Fjällbacka, the place where I've spent half o my life, and probably the best place I know.

Trying to get a job down here, so I can work here this summer too, but not in the same place as last two years!
ANyhow I am going to spend the weekend here and just chill with the family.


Junior Worlds

Spent the weekend in Italy at Junior Worlds! It was so much fun.

I met a lot of new people, skied fast, tanned and just had a blast! 
Sixth place is what I got home with, and I am more than happy with that. I am super proud and glad.
Also, Sandra and John ended up second (SO GOOD!!) and Alex 10th, Lisa unfortunately fell, and I am not sure about the other boys' places, but they were pretty satisfied too, I think!
Gosh I just wanna go back to all these awesome people and the tremendous pasta. Haha. 
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