Friends are friends

Friendships are a really fun thing. Don't you think?
If I think about all My friends, i Discover that they are all Very different from eachother.
How come you can hang out with so Very different people and like them all even if they are so unlike eachother?

Like one of the most important people in My life is a two year old little girl, and one of My biggest supporters are a fullgrown man that spends a lot of time to just motivate me and help me through everything I do.

And in between that I have friends who is maniacs about their training, and I have friends who wouldnt even consider moving more Than to the kitchen. 
I don't know if you understand what i am trying to say, but at Least i tried. Haha.

Standard Friday

As usual we are watching Idol and just chilling! 
Right now My mother are a quite big pain in the Arse and I'm going mental. 

Well well, we are having a good time anyway!

Watching the NEWS now and My little ice heart is aching for these little kids in Syria. It is terrible.

Way to change the subject, Mikaela! Lets just party poop all over the place? 

Good to be home

I left funäsdalen yesterday, since a bus were going home, I though that I as well can go home. 
And they've got live timing, so I can watch the whole competition here at home. Just the times, but anyway!
This day hasn't been much though. I woke up and made some banana pancakes. (Incredible good!! Just two eggs and a banana (I added some vanilla powder, baking powder (?) and cacao.) and whip it together and whoppaaaaa)
AND I accidentally set the microwave on fire?! That was kind of scary actually.
Now I have made some more food, and yeah. Tasty. Not much more to say. FUN LIFE 

- unknown

“I’m a paradox. I want to be happy, but I think of things that make me sad. I’m lazy, yet I’m ambitious. I don’t like myself, but I also love who I am. I say I don’t care, but I really do. I crave attention, but reject it when it comes my way. I’m a conflicted contradiction. If I can’t figure myself out, there’s no way anyone else has.”

Ever read anything with such an utter completion? 


These days have been great, the skiing wasn't much to brag about on monday or tuesday, but yesterday was really good. I felt that it started to get better again. And that is really fun.
Even though it was windy as hell and started raining. But it really didnt matter. :) 
Today it is so windy that we're not even skiing. Since the chairlift can't be opened. Haha. 
So I guess we have to chill for today, and tomorrow most of the alpine skiiers in school are going to compete, and I Will be their personal bitch! ;) 


Aaaand we are here! Funäsdalen is the place where I Will spend My time the upcoming week. I am super stoked to ski again and I am really motivated. I Will kick aaaaass. 

The thing about our camps is that it is not only a lot of good skiing going on, it is also a Very good time to spend some quality time with all skiers in school. 
I really enjoy it. 
All of us are exceptional humans, and i love it here, i really do. 
So it doesn't really matter that it is like 200 minus degrees and not to awesome at all, I am having crazy fun anyways. 
(If the skiing goes well, ofcourse) 

Time for food, Emma is hosting a taco pie evening. Grand.


I am finally at home, and as the patriotic Swedes we are, we are watching Idol and eating tacos. 
Nothing wrong with that?

Otherwise, I am tired. I'll watch this and the eliminating and then I'll watch some breaking bad and then sleep until I can't lay still anymore. I need that. 


Oh, I am so tired right now! 
Since all of us do not have any school today, we decided to hang out yesterday.
And we did have a great evening. We lost track of time, so it ended up being pretty late until I got home. 
But I fell asleep pretty fast as soon as I got home. Tried to watch breaking bad, but..yeah..I fell asleep.
Woke up this morning with my laptop standing sideways in my bed. (If you lay down, it is really comfy having the laptop turned sideways!)
Anyhow, I woke up, ate, got dressed and then I took my brothers bike and headed down to school. 
And then I joined Josefin for run! We ran for about 1h 35-40 minutes. It was pretty good, but now I am so incredible tired, I dont know what to do. Haha.
But now I have to study for a little while. I have a few assignments I have to turn in.
I will try to get some of my friends down for a little "fika". But it can be tough...Haha.
Here is a pic of me and three of my best friends, not today. But I didn't take any pictureeees...
Gotta run and get my headphones. It is really boring to study alone?

Keep your heart strong

...And that is what I've done today! 
Woke up, (way too early to be healthy though), and then I had a german test for about one and a half hour. I think it actually went pretty good. At least it felt good. (And I am trying to convince myself that that is the point, if it didn't go too well.) <-- It is all about the attitude.
Anyhow, after that, I took my dear little friend Josefin under my arm and out on a little run. Crazy beautiful weather today, so it was pure awesomeness. 
Then, I had to rush to a meeting with a photographer who might be taking the student photos next year.
After that I hit the gym, not too efficient, but at least anything. And it was very fun. (I just have to say; I am trying to stick some german words in here and there. Gah. Mindmess.) 
THEN I was invited to dinner, so I ate some bacon and pasta with daaaaaaaaarling Josefin.
And then we went to the movies, just like a looooot of other mates from the school. We saw the second movie of The Hunger Games. Which is called "Catching fire". It was sooooooo good! Probably the best damn movie I've ever seen. My best spent 110:- ever. Haha.  I will run around yelling "I VOLUNTEER AS A TRIBUTE" forever now. Whatever. 
Now I am going to watch some Breaking Bad before I fall asleep. Tomorrow is nothing in school, except training. 
And I have to get to the Health centre. To check out my stupid stomach. Hopefully it will end up azum (like the rest of me.) heheehe
Well, nighty nighty. "And may the odds be ever in your favour".


Started the day at the gym, with a killer leg/back workout. 
Then I apparantly had to attend different classes (can't believe you have to do that in SCHOOL?!) eheh
I ate dinner at school as well, and then I went for a 45 minute run and then I entered the gym for a second time, this time for some balance, koordination (?) and stabilization. It was fun. I really enjoyed it actually. 

Now I have to sleep though, I am coughing like a don't-know-what and I have a german test tomorrow morning. 
And yes, Sweden lost against Portugal  in today's soccer game. Hehe 

And here is a Pic of My beautiful friend Julia from when we were taking a Walk this sunday!

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