Dinner at brant's

My sister and her husband arrived today!
So we decided that we were going to eat at the restaurant in Branäs, a greek salad for me. God that was good. 

Now we're waiting for the coffee and hopefully I Will be allowed to go home after that, I am crazy tired! 

I worked at a party (in the wardrobe) the day before yesterday and got home somewhere around four, and three hours later i had to wake up and drive home to go to work in Branäs. 
So I have Been sleeping way to little to be functioning as regular. 
Since I worked from 09:00-19:30 yesterday and I thought I would work until something like two. But...cash is king. 

And I Will have to work some extra tomorrow and then I Will work sunday and tuesday and thursday andddd...sunday (?). 
So a bit of money Will start Rolling in soon! HOOORAYYYY!

Merry christmas

Merry christmas everybody! 
Spent the day at home with My family and a few more. 

So now we've eaten LOTs and LOTs of food and some candy. Gotta say that I've actually eaten pretty good and didnt get of the road too much. Haha. 

Got a lot of presents and I am really happy with all and every one of them. :) 

Ocean's twelve

Some pics from yesterdays skiing trip with My littlesister. 
Today I went to the gym with daddio and then we watched the skicross in San Candido/Innichen. 

Also, I coloured My hair and it is now a few shades darker. Not too much of a difference. But I like it. 

Tomorrow I Will probably ski for a bit and take a run at some point of the day. i'll try to get up early, just to not fuck up My daily rythm. 

And now I Will watch Ocean's twelve and drink some coffeeeee! Yum

Skiing at home again!

And now Branäs is open! Me and my sister therefore started the day in the slopes after some coffee for breakfast. (Is there anything better than coffee in the morning?) 
When we got home we threw ourselves in the couch and watched the Ski-X worldcup from San Candido. 
And I am so proud to be Swedish right now. Haha. They were soooo good!
I was so nervous throughout the whole competition (as always, it almost more nervwrecking than when I am skiing myself.).
But the biggest applause have to go to Anna, what a comeback! A third place, after being injured for eleven months?! Such a staaaaaaar! 
Maybe I'll be heading to the gym with my mother later, but she is at work, and since Branäs now is open, she probably will be working until late tonight.
So we'll have to see about that one. 
This is all the wonderful persons I have spent the last half a year with. I like all of them so incredibly much and Iove this school. EVERYBODY WHO IS CHOOSING SCHOOL FOR NEXT YEAR, COME HERE! We rock.


Hello, darlings. This is what I look like, if you by any chance have missed it. Well. it is a typical egopic, and I take too many of them. (Especially when the fun fact is that most of them look like crap.)
AAAAAAAaanyway, this week have been filled with christmas gifts, skiing and working out. And a shitload of friends, ofcourse.
The gifts were amazing. I have the funniest friends. You will get to see a pic, in just a minute. You just have to finish reading this little cutiepie of a text. (Yes, I am veryveryvery tired and everything is insanely fun.)
The skiing is actually going great. Or, it started out shitty as hell. But it ended out pretty good. I was quite satisfied as a matter of fact. 
And tomorrow all of my friends except for my brooooooo Axel (not the same person as Alex, 'cause she is a girl. And Axel is not. It is not a typo.) are going to Trysil in our dear neighbours country - Norway.
Sooo, we decided that we will stay and train on our starts in our little tunnel here i Torsby.
And the working out part, not too shady either. Everything is pretty grand.
Gosh, I love my life, except for the fact that I am allergic to milk protein. like seriously? Milk is the best thing I know. And ben and jerry's, and I want to be able to eat it without dying because of my stupid stomach who is freaking out and trying to kill me, inside out. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
WELL WELL. Nighty nighty, fans all over the world. Hehe. 
And this is my new Boyfriend Louis Tomlinson. We're getting married. He is my christmas gift. I love him.

Alpine skiing

It raining outside, and that sucks? I don't want the looovely snow to disappear!! 
Well, I am Also watching the alpine world cup in Val d'Isere. It is looking good for our Swedish men! Super fuuuun. 
And the skicross finals are also happening today. Oooh I wanna see it now! I am really excited, they run heats with Six riders!! 

(Edit: it was the Europa Cup who had six riders. The World Cup have - like always - four riders in each heat.)

Home alone

Spending this weekend at home, and these two nights I am actually alone. It feels weird. But I cannot complain, I kind of like it.
Feels like I needed some time alone.
Anyhow, today me and my mother at firts cleaned the house. (It will never, ever, ever be fun.)
And after that we went to the gym and kicked our asses.
Felt reeeeeally good. Some upper body and cardio!
Sweating like a pig. Yes, yes you wanted that info.
But now I am going to watch Monsters University.
I had a hard time deciding which one of that one, Despicable me 2 and The Grinch I wanted to see. 
But Amanda told me to watch Monsters. And that is a great choise. Whoppa 
Oh, And I found one of my favourite photos of me and my sister ever. And out bunny Burton. 


Spending all My precious time awake with My beloved friends, at the gym or just doing things that I find important. 

My thoughts is that - I can sleep when I am on holidays. Right?

Tomorrow I am going home. And the skiing today were kind of great. It was soft in the Hill, but not a problem. I liked it. 
At first I had absolutely no motivation at all, but in the end, i had endured a pretty good training. With great results. 

After the skiing, me and My friend Emma entered the great gym, and killed our legs. (Hopefully I Will have a bad ass  ache in them tomorrow.)

Then I got home, studied for a bit and then My little crib was invaded  by a lot of friends of mine. 
Grand evening. 

Lost it

Kind of lost the motivation to blog. Since my head is bursting with ideas and things I have to remember and opinions I have to have and motivation I have to have for skiing and school I don't really have time to just chill down for a bit.
As usual all teachers wraps their heads around the fact that it is almost Christmas holidays and then they panic for a bit and throws all their assignments at us. Not too kind I have to say.
ANYHOW. Skiing is great, it is tremendously much snow right now. I love it.
School...works. I am really trying and I hope results will show.
Training is ok, I do what I want and I do it well. But yeah, I do tend to work out more than most of the others here.
Stjernekåren is busybusy since we want to make these last weeks incredible and make everyone want to come back after the break.
Otherwise, I listen to waaay too much music. But hey, it couldn't possibly be bad so.
I spend all my free time with my friends. ♥
Aaaaan now I am going to watch some episodes of Breaking Bad before I fall asleep. I am tired and really have to turn the hours around again! 
This is a pic from when we were hunting down a little christmas tree. It sure is beautiful, isn't it?
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